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solo for public spaces

This work was inspired by an overland trip carried out between France and Central Asia between October 2004 and December 2005: a large variety of places, changing climates, places where one remains and places that one goes through, during night time, daytime... The wide span of human density between the urban spaces and the natural environment, the thread of the road linking the different contexts. These parameters imprint the body and, combined with our inner states, with our more or less rational expectations, influence our way of connecting with the environment and modify the quality of our presence.

The body, anchored in a permanent here in perpetual mutation, remains foreign with this concept of "elsewhere". However this call for elsewhere contributes to the appetite of the body to move, loads it with multiple desires and proves to be a fundamental motor of all our displacements.

This solo proposes an investigation of space inviting the performer and the audience to interfere with the specificities of a place, navigating as it goes through the imponderable of the moment; a dance as a response to the situation.

elsewhere..., Istanbul, june 2005
Tünnel Street Art Festival

With the support of the French Institute of Istanbul