<p>Copyright Yanaël Plumet</p>
concept and interpretation
Yanaël Plumet & Marina Ligeron

Him? Her?
Two bodies
Two islands.
Two, eye to eye,
Mutating matter
Seeking for alter.
Flesh and bones thinking out loud,
Two disrupting figures loosing gesture.
Voices shifting, questions falling, answers drifting:
In constant creation, the paradoxical pulse of their presence.
Two, bare hands, facing front.

A body enquiry tearing apart the me-you-us dialectic, opening space for two presences finding themselves on the edges of gender. As the multitude of one enters the crowd of the other, movement disrupt the bodies with unexpected profiles. Exploring the opened breach, the dance models a matter in constant becoming, recolouring space as it goes.

"teaser" video made from preliminary encounters
improvisations - Istanbul 2007

With the support of the French Institute of Istanbul and the French Institute of Izmir